Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pancakes At 2 A.M.

Eating pancakes at 2 am
Talking about leading estranged lives
Privileged in our own view
Grateful for what we have
Allie, Eugene, Luke
But come on, Allie
Forget this mess
The mass of little lies
Every tall-tale
That will be our demise
But your seaweed eyes…

Come on Allie
Come on Allie
Stop fading through the lines
Stop Catching all the flies
All on fire
Showing off, flaring up
Leading us to meals
2 a.m. Pancakes

Leading the way
For Mr. Eugene
Might cost you your soul
Just sit with me, show a little bit of honesty
All I want's a little bit of honesty
Come on Allie

I Disagree With Your Face

He has this need to disagree with everything that I say
Always jumping at the chance to knock me down
Then there's days he can't keep going
Tying himself lower than me
Why? Why, why, why, oh why?
Keep away from Allie
Come on Luke, come on Luke
Cutting out the faces who barely disagree
You're so pathetic
Remember those days teeming with honesty? Isn't that all you want?
There are times he can't keep fighting
So he leaves to fight another day
He can't win her over, only staring at her face.
What's one more regret in a growing list
Tell me Luke; where's your little bit of honesty?


The world is slowly turning to glass
I'm the weak link at the end of the chain (Luke)
Still asking for that little bit of honesty
Cutting out the faces I see
The ones staring disapprovingly
If I still can hate Eugene,
Then maybe I haven't grown quite yet

We're just never-mades, grounded in self doubt
Spinning round and round
On a never-ending merry-go-bound
In another direction
Breaking all the stained glass up above the failing sky
Raining chunks right between the lines
Of another tell tale lie
Checking out the games you're playing with her mind
Wasting all the days of broken politics
There's a whole wide world out there, Allie
So why are you stuck here with Eugene?