Saturday, April 9, 2011

Letter Burner (Intro)

A short story idea I'm thinking about going with. Here's the intro. Thoughts?


Once upon a time there was a magical man who lived in the white woods overlooking a small town known simply as Strawberry Fields. He lived peacefully enough in his little cottage, wasting away his days writing songs of adventures he never had but longed to go on, poems of a love he never had, and journals of the town below. And though he had plenty of visitors from the town not so far below, he always felt alone. But that was once upon a time, long ago. The town was now gone, and just like life Dante LaChance simply moved on.

The days seemed to grow shorter as Dante grew older. He saw much, but never really held on to any of it. It was all fleeting, fuzzy memories that were really quite clear. But he kept on moving, growing wiser than he was as a caged bird as he took everything in.

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