Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Strongerthans (Long Version)

Half the time I can’t tell if I’m bitter,
Happy or nostalgic when what I’m really trying
To do is cross the finish line. Why haven’t
We talked exactly? I think I forgot
I mean life gets so drastically dull with
Everything that needs done and you shut
Down and shut people out automatically, but I don’t
Want to wait seven months to talk to you when you’re
Right there. And wow, I forgot how warm you are. I
Think I love you- no, that’s a lie, but I do like you a lot but why,
Why do people do this to themselves, what exactly is this?
Why get so busy you get sick, then say you let life fall like cracked
Puzzle pieces that get lost under a cheap maroon sofa and you freak
Out because you can’t get it back when
The obvious answer is to just move the stupid
Sofa, but we’re too blind to ourselves and what we can do
When we’re obviously stronger than anyone’s willing to give us credit for
And that’s really why I hate myself on Tuesdays even
When I used to love and stick up for them. Everyone
Has someone, so why can’t we be eachother’s?
Just a few fearlessly falling feathers, floating forever, endlessly
Dancing, brushing, hugging, holding- even on stupid Tuesdays.
So what I’m trying to say- I mean, what I’m asking is
I know we haven’t talked in a while, but can I kiss you?

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