Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Hazelnut World

I’m watching the world escape
Past the hindsight of something new
But you never knew
So with ten dollar haircuts and cheap manly perfume
You command your life, while it revolves around you
Me, we
An exhausted sun burning full of cotton
And candy bears that turn gooey and charcoal
With all those stares, abounding and adding
Up to a tasteless air of observance, obedience
Lacquered flair for an old retriever
Looking for something to give his heir
And now I see the boy with hazel eyes
Grasping for something that’s just not there
He says “Once books are no longer books
They just become words
And lose all meaning
Just like your prayers
And every letter that I get
Means more than anything else
Even more than you
Because it rings in my soul”
As the story goes
The turning, flaring, of the world
Finally crashes all around
Your sandaled toes

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