Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Train Ride to Manitoba

I forgot the word appreciate
On my train ride to Manitoba
A muddled transmission, a piece of paradise
Brought along the airwaves

Muses, Muses, help me choose the words
The perfect ones I should use
To tell this, our wonderful tale
Where appreciation lost its way

Let’s redefine the structured narrative
The one that tells our awkward story
Sit and listen to a beating heart;
A beating soul of choice

A surrounding sound to lift my fear
The train continues forward
Once we’re there, we can relax
We can learn to appreciate again

From here to Manitoba
Our paths cross once more
We’ll have a grand escapade
Before the day is through

Our wild dreams are coming near
The ones we fought and stole to achieve
The dreams that caused us to forget
To appreciate what it was we had

So we tell our plight
Of how we came to be
Fleeing from danger, grasping at desire
All for what we thought we wanted

To the nearing Manitoba
We direct our assailing plea
Before the day is through
We’ll be at our path’s end

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