Thursday, September 2, 2010

Plastic Cave

Look at that sunset, the fast food sign makes it look better
It’s not in the way

Like that time our fish killed the other one
I think she deserved it
I danced kind of weird for you once- remember?

My ears are filled to the brink
And total nonsense is that sound
Normal’s the watchword

I think I’ll take my hope crunchy
Like my peanut butter
Because nothing’s smooth, nothing should be
The bumps are what’s fun
Makes life worth living, not living in
The past
The past lives of everything that’s living
Breathing, dying or died
Living past the daily bread tied to our chests
To stomach something shiny and new
But horrible too

A mountain of caramel sticks to my feet, up and over
Can we please go somewhere new?
Over there, on a rainbow or a cloud
Find the silver lining, lining your lost and losing mind
It’s not as good as gold but wealth like that never means a thing
The chalk blue skies always meant more to me
Than a canary diamond ring, so please
Please keep cool, keep staring at my face
Lay on the pillow, we’ll sing a sweet grace

I think I love you
No, that’s a lie
But I like you a lot. Let’s lose our way together
Inside a plastic cave, a rave
Like the inside of your, my demented dying brain

Notes: For Allie, and everyone else who questions their being from time to time.

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